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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine FAQ

Release date:2014-09-03

The main contents of the device configuration management include: the development of scientific management system and the corresponding standard procedures, proper and rational use of equipment to strengthen the maintenance of equipment, inspection glazed tile roll forming machine FAQ, understand and master the equipment failure signs and deteriorated the situation and take measures to eliminate and control, the accumulation of various information equipment inspection repair process, provide a reasonable basis for making the repair program or update the policy. Its contents are as follows.

1. Create the original equipment technology based state management. Capacity indicators include equipment, precision indicators and operating characteristics, such as raw performance indicators, indicators related technical characteristics, equipment status glazed tile roll forming machine FAQ information technology characteristic parameters indicators.

2. The formulation of standard equipment technical state management. Including equipment operating procedures, maintenance procedures, maintenance procedures and status checks and monitoring procedures and so on.

3. Establish rules and workflow management roll forming machine chin equipment. Including equipment maintenance, inspection, planned maintenance, fault management, device management and other rules and regulations focus on test methods and assessment in relation to the basic work, forms and other processes.

4. Implement procedures and equipment maintenance system.

5. Implementing equipment inspection glazed tile roll forming machine FAQ system. Including regular performance checks periodically check the accuracy of all production equipment and lifting equipment, power equipment daily inspection, production of key equipment and precision equipment to master the technical state of the device information.

6. Periodically check the status of equipment in roll forming machine chin good condition, precision testing and special containers detection.

7. Diagnostic techniques using state detection, to grasp the actual state of the art equipment, equipment for the state to provide accurate information based maintenance.

8. Follow checkpoint equipment and inspection tour route inspection, the inspection found abnormal signs and risks, to promptly eliminating or planned maintenance, and in order to control and reduce failure.

9. For sudden failure (including accidents) in accordance with the analysis and processing and repairs, and make a record.

10. Strictly implement the rules for safe operation of power equipment, environmental protection laws and regulations regularly prevention trials.

11. Collect a variety of inspection records, routine maintenance, fault repair and other repair records, statistics, collation and analysis, to explore the reasons for failure and laws, develop maintenance measures.

12. Take appropriate measures and measures to improve the state of the art equipment. Improve the system of standards and constantly improve the level of device configuration management.

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