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Downspout Roll Forming Machine in the Rural Market Development Prospect

Release date:2014-06-23

In recent years, with the acceleration of rural economic development and the adjustment of the rural construction, the rapid growth of domestic production of the type downspout roll forming machine, the volume has become more popular, the development prospect. Downspouts roll forming machine can be mass produced different types of downspout. Is the material demand of rural construction market? Downspouts roll forming machine of relevant information is as follows: Downspouts belongs to cold press roll forming machine, can be customized, facilitate human production and living. Equipment is mainly composed of feeding machine, guide rack, forming parts, set foot cut off part, receiving station, electric control cabinet and other parts.

Downspouts roll forming machine unit performance:

1, the production line speed: 0-15 m/min

2, the production area: 14 meters long X 2 meters wide

3, equipment appearance size:
Feeding machine 1200 MMX long 1200 MMX height 1500 mm wide
Molding host length 8000 mm X 1500 mm X 1500 mm wide
Cutter length 2500 mm X 800 mm X 800 mm wide

4, installed gross capacity: about 15 kw

Choose downspout roll forming machine, good downspout machine roll forming machine equipment has the following advantages:
1. The equipment control for PLC control set up multiple security protection system in the normal production.
2. The lathe bed is steel elements. And tempering treatment, eliminate internal stress and avoid the deformation of the fuselage.
3. The molding frame for cast iron structure and tempering treatment. Strong sex is high, long service life.
4. The material of rolling roller of 40 cr, and the conditioning treatment, hardness of HB280.
5. Molding material for GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC56-62 ℃.
6. Transmission structure for the gear box. Each shape frame has a gear box, can guarantee the equipment over time, high strength, and long service life.

Market in the rural areas, the downspout under the action of roll forming machine sales led to the sale of all kinds of roll forming machine, such as steel roll forming machine, roof panel roll forming machine, etc. This is called driving sales market. Through the observation of the rural market in recent years, agricultural roll forming machine market demand and product are changing all the time. Enterprise production and management should be guided by market demand, actively make to the diversification and series of high-end products, the implementation of product differentiation competition strategy, and constantly develop marketable products, downspout should roll forming machine market differentiation to win competitive advantage.

With the expansion of rural construction and improvement of farmers' income, the demand for agricultural type downspout rolling machine equipment will appear differentiation, high quality and high prices of roll forming machine equipment occupies proportion will gradually increase. Into the rural market investigation, meet the actual demand. Downspouts roll forming machine in the rapid development of the rural market brought a rare opportunity for manufacturing enterprise, downspout roll forming machine no matter from the development of the equipment, or the improvement of technology and quality has a lot of work to study, it also requires downspout roll forming machine manufacturing enterprises and the researchers probe into the rural market investigation and study, fully understand the actual development of roll forming machine equipment of rural construction requirements. Thus, downspout rolls forming machine equipment market with broad prospects for development in the countryside.

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