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Do You Know The Types of Cable Tray?

Release date:2014-07-02

Cable tray is widely distributed in our society as there are so many cable tray roll forming machine users, but few people know exactly what it is. The follows are some kinds of cable tray.

1. The cascade type cable tray
The cascade type cable tray is designed according to the relevant data at home and abroad. It has light weight, low cost, and it does not have modeling. Besides, it has easy installation, heat dissipation, good ventilation, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for general larger diameter of cable laying, suitable for high and low voltage power cable laying.

2. Tray type cable tray
Tray type cable tray is petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, telecommunications.

3, Groove type cable tray

4. Large span cable tray

5. Combined cable tray
Combined cable tray as long as the use of 100, 150, 200 mm wide of three kinds of base type can be all you need to feet.

Cable tray
Even the fittings such as bending are not produced, the tee should be suitable for the on-site installation any steering, widen, and lead the upward. In any place, there is no need to punch; welding can be used in derivation. It is easy and convenient on engineering design, production more convenient transportation, installation, and the weld is the most ideal products in the cable tray. So cable tray roll forming machine user should care it. High mechanical strength, it has both the metal bridge rigidity and FRP Bridge of toughness, good corrosion resistance, ageing resistance is strong, beautiful modeling, easy installation, and long service life. Epoxy resin and epoxy resin composite cable tray fit in strong corrosion environment, with big span and heavy load conditions, form the idea of cable tray roll forming machine users epoxy resin and epoxy resin composite cable tray technology, make glass cable tray a reasonable organization structure design, with advanced technology, beautiful modeling, surface smooth, high mechanical strength, the advantages of convenient installation, corrosion and ageing.

Cable tray roll forming machine user and cable tray design
Intelligent building weak current system, there are usually multiple information monitoring and communication facilities such as BA (building automation), OA (office automation) and CA (communication automation) and so on the corresponding system composition. Many cable tray roll forming machine users find that cable laying in addition to using floor groove and buried pipe outside, inside the wall and the room ceiling widely using cable tray, provides different direction of the wiring, weak current system classification of all kinds of wire cloth in the bridge. The best routing and installation according to the requirement of direction, combined with the building structure can determine the position of air conditioning, electrical and other pipeline consultation, and passive cable which can't be with active cable laying side by side, is limited by conditions laid within the same bridge. If you are cable tray roll forming machine user, it is necessary to make decision according to roll forming machine price.

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