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Difference Between Three Types of Roof Ridge Cape Roll Forming Machine

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Roof ridge cape roll forming machine is widely used in many kinds of industrial factory, civilian buildings, and connective product of wall board. It has advantage of pretty appearance, durable using and so on. Optional systems are normal uncoiling machine and hydraulic uncoiling machine. After roll formed by this machine, the surface will be smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface. Roof ridge cape roll forming machines produce continuously, which can instead of the complicated process of making roof ridge cape by bending machine. It save human resources and reduce labor costs. This machine is mainly composed of feeding machine, leading-in platform, forming machine, cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control system. The machine can be customized by roll forming machine manufacturer according to requirements of customs. Roof ridge cape roll forming machine difference between different types is obvious, so the custom can choose it on the basis of their actual demand. Here I will introduce roof ridge cape roll forming machine difference between three different types.

450 roof ridge cape roll forming machine for sale is a common type made by roll forming machine manufacturer. It is mainly used for production of roof board. The traditional roof is made of glazed tile. Products printed by this type of roll forming machine are widely used in the roof of new countryside construction, holiday village and villas building. Glazed tile made of ceramic materials is also very popular in the ancient Europe and ancient Chinese. But now ceramic tile has gradually been replaced by steel plate and aluminum plate because in comparison with glazed tile, color steel plate and aluminum plate are more portable, lower cost and simple installation. This is a kind of new fashion. When the crust movement is more frequent, the shockproof performance is reflected better.

335 roof ridge cape roll forming equipment adopts roller forming technology cooperating with hydraulic molding. Products are widely used in construction steel roof. Host machine adopts programmable controller and touch screen control, whose speed is adjustable. It’s convenient to operate the machine because it can confirm length and cut it off automatically. 335 roof ridge cape roll forming machine difference is shown below. Its equipment installation dimension is 8000mm length, 1300mm width and 1500mm height. Its weight is about 4000kg. The equipment’s total power is 7KW and the hydraulic power is 4KWw. The product’s length error is 2mm. The electrical control system adopts touch screen interface with the industrial PLC and variable frequency speed control.

Compared with type 335, there is 312 roof ridge cape roll forming machine difference. Its main technical parameters are listed below. The optional equipments are common feeding machine and hydraulic feeding machine. Its installation size is 8000mm length, 1000mm width and 1400mm height. The number of forming road is 12. The roller material adopts steel 45#. The thickness of roller plating layer is 0.05mm. The cutter material is Cr12. Its forming speed can reach 9m/min. The electrical control system uses industrial computer control PLC control system. The host power is 3KW and hydraulic power is 3KW. Its plate thickness is 0.4-0.6mm and plate spreading width is 312 mm.

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