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Deck Floor Type Rolling Machine Brands Domestic

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It can be seen from the actual situation of our country mechanical industry, roll forming machine in china started late. On the market at present the deck floor roll forming machine brands is various, but there are a lot of outstanding disadvantages:

1) Technology, roll forming machine in china roller structure design is unreasonable, cause in the working process of the early failure of roller. High cost of transmission system itself at the same time, due to the increase the maintenance cost a lot of poor lubrication, and too much noise.

2) The surface height and the person's job don’t fit the position.

3) Lack of aesthetic shape. Roll forming machine in china makes the machine external components overall structure chaos, greatly affected people's comfort, operation is easy to produce fatigue.

4) Operation is not safe. Up and down roller group adopted leakage type, make the person is easy to be hurt.

In view of the deck on the market floor roll forming equipment brands, many defects, design a reasonable cost, aesthetically pleasing, safe operation of spiral corrugated pipe forming machine is imminent. Traditional architectural roof adopts reinforced concrete structure, long construction period, high cost, and low economic benefits. Therefore, at present, the foreign construction industry has become more and more widely using lightweight materials, roof deck can produce these materials floor roll forming machine brands, more and more. Rainbow metal roof has a unique style, beautiful modeling, short construction period, low cost advantages, so more and more get the attention of the domestic builders and favor, deck floor roll forming machine brands also timely development. In the rainbow metal roof forming new technology, special metal roof forming machine is the key equipment, a lot of deck floor roll forming machine brands also in the production of special equipment.

Most of the deck floor roll forming machine brands, the production of molding machine is mainly composed of trough plate molding part, hydraulic shears, corrugated suppression of three parts. Trough plate forming part, through 4 forming roller guide roller and 14, adopt the method of gradually forming and molding process, the width of 600 mm, thickness 0.6 ~ 1.2 mm rolls color steel plate, bent into the required shape. Corrugated crushing part, through the cone roller in the groove of the two sides pressed corrugated, consists of a set of saddles, waist drum, in the groove bottom pressed corrugated form a certain shape, thus greatly enhance the strength of the roof. This is the most deck floor roll forming machine brands, type of production.

The whole device by an 18.5 kW motor drive, through the hydraulic system is divided into two roads, implements the drive and control of the above three parts. Equipment required power is big, hydraulic system pressure is high, the need to use the high pressure pump, but the equipment request processing at the scene of the construction site, working conditions, high pressure plunger pump cannot adapt to such work environment, the deck floor roll forming machine brands are also put forward higher requirements.

Based on the system functional requirements, a lot of deck floor roll forming machine brands choose MCS - 51 series microcontroller as the CPU. System consists of CPU board, switch I/O board, keyboard/display interface board, power board. System application software in the DVCC - 5 l - ED under joint development system with a PC, using assembly language and CBASIC language mixed programming. System in addition to adopting photoelectric isolation, power filtering, shielding grounding hardware measures, also USES hardware self-diagnosis technology and software anti-jamming technology, to ensure the reliability of the system. Hardware self-diagnosis including system CPU, EPROM self-checking diagnosis, to ensure the proper execution of the program. Software using instruction redundancy, software trap and other measures to make the program when the interference, to return to the program area continues to execute a program can control.

Deck floor roll forming machine brands, the production of molding mechanism design is reasonable, the single chip microcomputer control system work stable performance, strong adaptability to environment, equipment running in good condition, high working efficiency, and achieved high economic benefit and good social benefits.
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