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The Roll Forming Machine Development

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From the first roll forming machine was produced, in 2012, the global economy continues to moderate gently moves, China's exports, the actual investment and consumption growth will appear different levels continues decline, the market inflation pressure increasing, the quarterly GDP growth is not optimistic, leading indicators and synchronous index of macro-economic are still falling, the roll forming machine price will continue to short-term downward trend.

2012 is the the second year of "12th Five-Year Plan” since the first roll forming machine was produced. After basic return to a normal growth trajectory of economic operation, promoting economic restructuring and change of the pattern of economic development of the task are very difficult.Gradually achieve fiscal and monetary policy in 2012 by the response to the crisis to the conventional model of smooth transition, and maintain a relatively stable level, put more energy to accelerate the related reform, strive for economic restructuring and change of the pattern of roll forming machine price development to make substantive progress. Countries will implement prudent monetary policy this year, strive to improve the policy of targeted, flexibility and effectiveness, and keep the overall price level basically stable, support the transformation of economic development patterns and strategic adjustment of economic structure, promote financial reform, to speed up financial innovation, perfecting the financial laws and regulations, prevent systemic financial risks, maintaining financial stability, improve financial services and management level, to promote sound and rapid economic and social development.

From the first roll forming machine was produced, in 2013, under the background of the national macroeconomic policy, specific and detailed description of the current roll forming machinery operating environment. According to the survey data, we focus on research and predict the downstream of the roll forming machinery industry development and the change of demand for roll forming machine of long-term and short-term trends. In view of the current opportunities and challenges facing the development of industry, put forward our investments and strategic advice in roll forming machine industry development. This special is made by rigorous content, massive amounts of detailed data, intuitive chart, from the perspective of macro and micro analysis, help the industry enterprises and related investment companies, financial institutions and government departments to accurately grasp the trend of the development of the industry, understand the industry competition pattern, avoid business and investment risk, making correct competition and investment strategy.

In 2009 by the ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of science and technology, ministry of finance and promulgated by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the four ministries and commissions under the state council in conjunction with the "major technical equipment independent innovation guidance catalogue (2009 edition)", points out that the development of roll forming machinery technology. The above policy pointed out the direction of development of industry, various policy directly or indirectly shows the importance of roll forming machinery industry products, industry enterprises will benefit from the policy. Roll forming machinery development has made great progress of science and technology, the industry in product structure adjustment and transformation of the mode of production development, etc. Products constantly enrich, innovation results applied more and more, in spite of this, this kind of product the overall technology level in China still to be improved.

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