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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Lifespan

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Fully automatic roll forming machinery design is for the purpose of the roll forming machinery of mechanical part better with programmable logic controller, sensors, power supply and so on carries on the organic combination of; Let the programmable logic controller (PLC) more effectively control roll forming machinery in sending and receiving transmission system, preheating, heating, forming, punching, blanking, drawstring parts better control of the actuator. It goes against the conventional roll forming machinery to complexity of control, but the machinery and electronics, programmable logic controller (PLC), cylinder, sensors, advanced technology, a variety of disciplines such as to plummet and number of component parts in structure is greatly simplified, became smaller. This kind of cable tray roll forming machine have longer lifespan. Why is the cable tray roll forming machine lifespan longer than that of other forming machines?

Start with the structure analysis on cable tray roll forming machine lifespan. According to the specifications of the tape we regulate the good machine, put the loading semi-finished products into the part. Drive machines, tape will automatically in accordance with we use PLC programs written by heating, blow mound shape, punching, according to what we have to be cut and automatically rolled into the length of the finished work. This kind of cable tray roll forming machine lifespan than the average roll forming machinery, it is composed of feeding part, preheating part, local heating parts, molding, punching parts, drawstring, cut off parts and finished products the take-up and adjust parts. Below from parts design analysis of cable tray roll forming machine lifespan longer reason.

Feeding part, which is a kind of the roll forming machinery load raw materials (semi-finished products) is powered by a stepping motor and a photoelectric measuring element constitute a half closed loop system. Stepper motor connection with them on the tray, put a belt, when the photoelectric measuring element induced to take long enough, will be sent to the stepper motor signal, the machine will automatically discharge, so in the past, can form automatically adjust the belt. Feeding part of cable tray roll forming machine lifespan is certain.

When the belt is after the release of belt through the guide pulley, enter the pre-heater. This part consists of two pieces of the heating plate to work, band pass through between the two plates when it was hot. Preheating section if well designed, cable tray roll forming machines for sale lifespan will also be extended accordingly. Are there on the heating plate temperature sensing elements, monitoring the temperature of the heating plate at any time, low temperature, heated the heating plate signal; The temperature is high, give the heating plate signal to stop heating, so to keep the preheating temperature of the heating plate.

When the tape after preheating, arrived the next sections - local heating. This part mainly consists of heating mound group, driven by cylinder mound group movement. This part of the heating mode and way of temperature control and preheating part, heating plate is only two heating mode for local heating. Local heating can also affect cable tray roll forming machine lifespan.

As the core of the machine, the forming part influences the cable tray roll forming machine lifespan a lot. Molding part is a blow mound group. Tape after local heating, reach a group of blowing die, because the belt has been preheated and local heating, local tape has become soft, again through the cylinder of high pressure gas, make the local deformation of the mold cavity with us joint tape, again through high pressure jet cooling forming, the shape of the meet our requirements.

Realize automatic control of the molding machine system can greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, effectively reduce the labor intensity of artificial, to narrow the gap with foreign loading forming technology. Packaging machinery manufacturers and suppliers common goal is: improve cost performance to the machine, the machine work speed faster, better, more stable performance, cable tray roll forming machine lifespan is longer, the workshop covers an area of less. So according to the requirements and the new technology is also introduced as loading machine development stream power.
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