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Brief Introduction to Roll Forming Machine China

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Steel roll forming machine manufacturer in China is not only a process of development, and have been long history. In China's "economic recovery and the first five-year purlin roll forming machine city market plan, brick machinery manufacturing industry in China from experience, and finally got a rapid development, in the false restructuring national plan the launch of the foreign advanced equipment, and arrange production in mine machinery and engineering machinery factory, later, some caging roll forming machine china Watching plant and equipment on the basis of their own, began production of color coating steel plate rolling machine and accessories. Fewer types of choir steel molding press in production at the time, but also relatively backward technology, the main production glaze is a normal steel rolling machine, single-sided machine, small rolling machine, etc., in the meantime, because of the former Soviet union import brick machine equipment and kiln roasting technology, at or above the county level tile enterprises start half mechan300-1 type rolling machine

In hollow brick production line at the same time, the organization of national related departments, units in close cooperation with the relevant scientific research design, the construction of a large number of brick and tile production machinery enterprises, and become the backbone of purlin roll forming machine city market the vacuum brick annual output reached 5589 congestion, etc. In the meantime, the equipment is China's brick industry technical level by the international level of the 30" S doesn’t reach 60 ". In the period since 1985, the national roll forming machine china the construction of the national economy and the urban and rural areas in China began to accelerate development. There is a strong policy support, China's brick and tile industry itself is difficult to in the land resources, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental protection and resource development, clay, shale, coal gangue and fly ash as raw material to the comprehensive utilization of sintering hollow products complete sets of equipment and production technology of comprehensive development, in the meantime, the technology level of our country greatly improved, internal combustion roasting technology has reached 90S" S level in the world.

Now, China's demand for steel roll forming machine mainly in purlin roll forming machine city market and the high-end product in a large, heavy. Imports and we are in the value of gold and gold country although cut down, but growth remains optimistic processing center, it shows that for China "high-end machine demand remains strong. Due to the demand of the market, the Chinese machine tool enterprises strive to improve research and development, further optimize product organization; caging pressure type machine market competitiveness has been a very high growth. Caging watts molding equipment industry with the development of roll forming machine china the brick and tile industry, from scratch, since the childhood, the iron and steel industry to achieve self-improvement, and upgrading technology, has developed a lot of technology, with independent intellectual property rights, the entire industry is working towards a better goal, therefore, machine replace imported in our country's future space is still large.
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