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Brief Introduction to Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Release date:2014-06-13

Sheet metal roller pressure molding equipment adopted a series of roller, the formation of complex joint and flange thin metal plate. Most of purlin roll forming machine facts are designed for manufacturing pipes and pipe connector, used for have industry. Correct operating roll forming machine beyond how to open the machine; It also includes the daily inspection, oiling and cleaning, to ensure that the roller runs smoothly, the guards are in place, make the metal is not blocked, this may lead to injury. Before you have your purlin roll forming machine used, you have a lot to learn on how to correct it and open it and operating it. So, if you are going to use the machine for a while or planning to use it for some professional reason while you are not an expert on it, we suggest you finish the reading below for some basic operating things that need attention and have more information you can require.

1 Put your safety glasses.
2 Defender bolt group matching socket 3/8 - inch ratchet wheel, loosen security guard roll forming machine at the top of the nut.
3 Mention alert is removed from the top of the roll forming.
4 Blow out of the area between the roll and air hose, to remove scrap metal, and from this series of roll sundry, and spray is added in the roller and purlin roll forming machine cutter oil lubricity and prevent corrosion from formed on the surface of the roller.
5 The guard backs the bolt, screw nut and ratchet wheel, in order to ensure the guard roll-forming machine.

6 Check the defender has been installed, purlin roll forming machine to ensure that any part of the guards from falling into the roll forming machine and feed area is located in feeder to guide the, bed in front of the guard, not damaged.
7 By pressing the green start button to turn the purlin roll forming machine facts.
8 Rest that will be formed for the starting guide roller guide sliding direction and the metal side of the metal is also mentioned.
9 Support of metal, because the roll forming machine grabs it, it works through a series of rolls, and is discharged from the other side of the roll forming machine.
10 Check the finished edge to ensure that the clearance is correct. If you find the seam tight format is not correct or paper, according to the operation manual adjustment roll, and through the purlin roll forming machine facts running another piece of metal plate.

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