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Brief Introduction to Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

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Tile forming machine/tile forming machine is specialized is engaged in advanced technology, cement, sand and other low cost raw materials for special processing, machinery and equipment by molding tile/hydraulic specializing in the production of all kinds of ceramic tile ceramic tile making equipment, according to the nature of their products and how to choose roof ridge cape roll forming machine work into different ceramic tile roll forming machine, tile forming machine, extrusion forming tile forming machine, such as different types of equipment. For example: using color coated steel sheet, cold bending by volume into various glazed tile roll forming machine wave type pressure plate, it is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure roof of the building, me tope and interior and exterior wall decoration, etc., have qualitative light, intensity is high, colorful, convenient and quick construction, earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof, long life, maintenance-free, etc., have been widely used.

Glazed tile forming machine (/ glazed tile forming machine for the production of glazed tile mechanical parts: glazed tile from the outside is machine frame of how to choose roof ridge cape roll forming machine structure, loading rack installation, feeding guide, roll form machine, stamping device type, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, you should know the computer control cabinet and so on several parts. After glazed tile roll forming machine has a beautiful appearance, concise and easy, elegant and chic style, high grade, etc., can be widely used in the garden type factory, scenic spots, pavilions mold, hotel, villa gallery, resorts, family, such as building exterior wall decoration.

Corrugated tile forming machine (corrugated tile forming machine) was once an upper die and mold under 6 of the same size mold, first install the upper die and a lower die, lower die installed directly on a bench in six games, to make the mold installed in sliding, and the appropriate local thick steel plate, ensure glazed tile roll forming machine upper and lower mold clamping, 4 weeks uniform clearance, equal to, lower die billet thickness of the ceramic tile of the distance between the bottom surface. Then take precedence over mold, turn table, the installation of the remaining five pay a lower die, all installed, with pressure tile, driving up and down mode.

Roller grinding machine and roll forming machine is in the mid - 80 - s in the world the development of a new energy-saving cement grinding equipment to replace high energy consumption, low efficiency of ball mill grinding system, and reduce the steel consumption and noise function, and new plant construction, also for old plant modification, make the ball mill system yields by 30-50%, fine extrusion materials after 0.08 mm cake (20-35% (65-85% less than 2 mm, due to compression and full of many tiny crack of the internal structure of small particles, grind ability is greatly increased.
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