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Basic Information of Roll Forming Equipment

Release date:2014-06-18

The Classification of Rolling Forming Equipment
According to the product line, roll forming equipment can be divided into carton roll forming equipment, box roll forming equipment, box filler, boxing machine, paper packing machine and case stacker. According to the degree of automation of machine, roll forming equipment can be separated from automatic molding roll forming equipment and fully automatic carton roll forming machine.

The Technical Features of Rolling Forming Equipment
1. This roll forming equipment adopts the board way of vertical storage and can be supplied at any time without machine halt.

2. It applies to the use of packaging at the same time and same carton size. For example, if it needs to transform the specification of carton, you can use it through manual setting. (The required time is just 1~2minutes).

3. This machine adopts reasonable design. Suction box, molding and back cover all can be handled automatically coherently.

4. The performance of roll forming equipment is accurate and durable with no vibration of operating process, stable running and long operating life.

5. This machine adopts PLC+man-machine interface display screen to control with high performance, quick speed and high efficiency.

6. The length of the angle of packing tape on both ends of the cartons is 50~70mm. What's more, it can also customize 80、100mm.

7. This roll forming equipment can be stood alone and can be ancillary used with automatic packaging line.

The Working Principle of Rolling Forming Equipment
The working principle of rolling forming equipment, the same as the working principle of glazed tile roll forming machine, is the craft process in which workers inject the plastic of molten condition (that is the viscous state) into the closed moulding chamber and make products after curing the design. Injection moulding is the process of circulation. Every circulation contains quantitative feeding, molten plasticizing, pressure injection, filling mold cooling and start mold, pick up. After taking out plastic pieces, it should close the mold again and conduct the next circulation.

The Technical Advantages of Rolling Forming Equipment
1. The raw material used is industrial residue such as coal blues, coal gangue, furnace clinker, smelting slag and various tail slag as main raw materials, which are more environmental-protection, energy-saving.

2. This roll forming equipment adopts three poles up and down pressure forming at a time. After the moulding, it should immediately need overstow without a brick board, which is currently the newest version in the country.

3. This price of this machine is cheap and the profit is very lucrative. Taking every necessary costs into consideration, each one needs 9cents cost, while the market price is twice or three times of it. After the introduction of roll forming equipment, we believe that this article will help you understand this machine.

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