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An Efficient Invention: Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

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Roof panel roll forming machine has become one of indispensable mechanical equipment in the manufacturing industry now. It has to say that thanks to this great invention we can keep the high-speed development of modern manufacturing and construction industry. It’s a efficient invention which has increased the variety of its products. For example, glazed tile is a kind of common construction material which has applied to many different building. Glazed tile roll forming machine is invented by research and developing personnel according to the roof panel roll forming machine.
Before the roof panel roll forming machines invention, the production status of roof panel manufacturing industry was terrible. The output volume was very low and couldn’t satisfy the demand of construction some time. Though manufacturers had adjusted production plan and implemented working in shifts, the output volume couldn’t accomplished assignment as required. Workers always complained about frequently overtime and low profitability of their company due to high production cost. With the fast progress of high-technology, more and more manufacturers realized that only science and technology constitute a primary productive force and is the basic enterprise development. Then a batch of scientific research personnel is involved into the innovation of roof panel’s manufacturing tool. With the constantly research and development, roll forming industry realized mechanization and standardization step by step. Nowadays, roll forming technology is very mature and has expanded to many entirely different industries. For instance, glazed tile roll forming machine, cable tray roll forming machine and double layer roll forming machine belong to roll forming machine but they are totally different from each other. Therefore, it is a great invention which benefits the whole modern mechanical industry.

Why did most manufacturers call roof panel roll forming “Efficient Invention”? It’s reasonable. The roof panel roll forming is designed with high speed production line and its production speed can reach 40m/min (include cutting). Meanwhile, it can produce multiple profiles though quickly changing cassette. This function allows the roof panel roll forming machine has high transferability from one roof panel production line to another. Therefore, manufacturers can assemble a machine to produce various products through different cassettes. This efficient invention is equipped with PLC control system to ensure high accuracy and easy operation. The PLC system controls whole production line includes loading, uncoiler, pre-cutter, roll forming, servo flying cutter, stacker, discharging. After inputting the length of sheets and how many pieces you need, the roll forming machine will begin production according your requirements. Not only can it provide easy-operation to save labor cost, but its precise roll forming ability and durability quality can guarantee long-term production. In addition, the phase of product transmission can provide customization service  The roof panels made by the roof panel roll forming machine has a beautiful appearance and bright color so that it can widely used in garden, factory, hotel, resort, exhibition hall, vacationland, ancient architectures and modern villa.

After knowing about roof panel roll forming machine, its high efficiency, easy-operating and cost-saving are so impressed that we need a word to remember this great invention. I don’t want to use any ornate rhetoric. Let me use a simple and clear one: An Efficient Invention!
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