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Advanced Roll Forming Machines Technologies Reduce Fuel Consumption

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When wide strips are rolled in cold roll forming machine, the profile control ability of high crown backup roll tends to be better than the conventional work roll. The former is somewhat superior to that of conventional roll forming machines backup roll due to the difference in the control effect of bending. It can be then compensated at work rolls by adopting more advanced roll forming machines technologies. It is widely known that the fuel consumption of the auto mobile is a major reason for the environmental protection of the earth and roll forming machines light weight has great advantage for the decrease of the fuel consumption in the roll forming process. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the amount of alloy sheets used for the auto mobile industry in the world all year around is increasing year on year.

However, steel roll forming machine dealer has found out that the use of the alloy sheet has the remarkable disadvantage in terms of production cost and product formability since they are more expensive than roll forming machines made steel sheet.

At the same time, the formability of the alloy sheets is poor than that of the roll forming machines made steel sheet at a higher price, which is a very important problem to be solved immediately if we hope to reduce the auto mobile production costs and to protect the environment at the same time. It is said that continuous casting by deck floor roll forming machine dealer has the ability to solve the problem of high cost of the roll forming machines made alloy sheet since a belt caster, a block caster and a twin roll caster will work hand in hand in the process. Thus, the roll forming machines efficiency can be greatly improved so as to clear the possibility of high speed roll casting of thin alloy strips, which are the representatives for sheet metal that is used in the auto mobile industry.

Therefore, characteristics of the roll forming machines made strips are investigated in a careful manner with the approach that is assisted by a high speed roll caster specially designed. As it turns out, the roll forming machines can work at speed of more than eighty m/min and the thickness of the final product can be at least five mm. The micro structure of the roll forming machines products after heat treatment is very fine by the effect of the rapid solidification and their mechanical properties in bending test are up to the standards. The roll forming machines made strips could be cooled down without homogenization and the result of tension proof stress can be the elongation rate of more than twenty percent.
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